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A Rhyming Poem by Emily Dickinson

Poem by Emily Dickinson A word is dead When it is said, Some say. I say it just Begins to live That day. -Emily Dickinson

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Rhyming Poems

Rhyming Poems Rhyming sounds are everywhere. In song lyrics, t.v advertisements, and poetry. Rhyme is a technique the creates rhythm using words that sound alike. Rhymed poems are a lot of fun to write. Pick any word, and think of all the words that rhyme with it. […]

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Top 17 poets of the 20th century

Here is a list of some of the top poets of the 20th century. I recommend that you read their work. — Maya Angelou — Hilaire Belloc — William Blake — Lewis Carrol — Emily Dickinson — Robert Frost — Langston Hughes — Issa — Edward Lear […]

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