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A Child’s Prayer On Leaving For School

Good-bye, Mommy Good-bye, Daddy I am off to school to learn and play I’ll see you later in the day and pray God keeps me good and safe.

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Passover Prayer

Dear God, Let s never forget what it means to be free. Let us never forget what it requires to be free. Let us fight for freedom for ourselves and others so that all God’s children may be free.

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A Parents, And Grandparents Credo of Faith, Love, Hope, Strength, Caring, And Service For Every Child

This book is a credo of faith I wish for every child: O my children, I know and testify that God lives because I’ve heard Martin Luther King, Jr., and Fred Shuttlesworth preach; I;ve heard Aretha Franklin, Marin Anderson, and Pavarotti sing; I’ve seen double rainbows after […]

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