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She’ll Be Coming Around Negro Mountain When She Comes

She’ll Be Coming Around Negro Mountain When She Comes

Negro Mountain

My mom and I recently went on a trip to Washington D.C. It was an 18 hour drive there and back. As my mom was driving through Pennsylvania to D.C. we both saw a sign called, “Negro Mountain”. In about less than ten seconds our minds were just spinning around. Why was a mountain called Negro Mountain in Pennsylvania? Negro? We both didn’t have a clue why we had just seen a sign named “Negro Mountain.” So, I wrote the words “Negro Mountain” on a piece of paper for something to research when we got back home from our trip.

After having the best trip of a lifetime in Washington D.C., I am now home and I have researched Negro Mountain. Here’s some information I have found out about Negro Mountain. Negro Mountain is a 30-mile (48 km) long ridge of the Allegheny Mountains extending from Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, north to the Casselman River in Pennsylvania, USA. The summit, Mount Davis, is the highest point (3,213 feet) in Pennsylvania. Laurel Hill flanks Negro Mountain to the west, with Allegheny Mountain to the east.

The history of Negro Mountain has a number of local stories that have been circulating for many years. One story tells of a band of white soldiers or hunters that were in battle against Native Americans during colonial times and it all took place on Negro Mountain. Another story tells that the whites, who were fighting, had an African American companion who died valiantly during the fight. The popular story today is that it took place during the French and Indian War in the year 1756, when frontiersman Colonel Thomas Cresap led a force against Native Americans on the mountain. A member of his force, a black slave or a scout named, “Nemesis,” was killed in the battle. The mountain was accordingly named, “Negro Mountain,” in his honor.

After reading Negro on a sign, I wanted to find out what the word meant and define it. Negro in Spanish means “black”. It also means black in Portuguese. So if you see “Negro Baseball League,” it means, “Black Baseball League”. At first, I was disappointed about seeing the sign that said “Negro Mountain” as we were approaching Washington D.C., our country’s capitol. I was sad and it felt like it was an injustice. Yes, I was surprised! But after researching why Negro Mountain was called Negro Mountain, it makes me feel a little better. Although the stories have probably lost valuable true information and facts to why it was really called Negro Mountain, now I can understand its history. I don’t feel completely happy and positive about it because back then slaves were hanged in mountains and burned to death especially in 1765. So it could have been a mountain of many slave hangings or Native American hangings, too! That’s how I feel and this is my research about Negro Mountain.

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  1. Some people are so upset about the mountain being called “Negro Mountain,” that they want the name changed? I think it’s okay because it speaks to the history of the mountain. So what do you think about it? Should they change the name?

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