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Key Cats – Self Defense Key Chain

Key Cats – Self Defense Key Chain

History Of The Key Cat.

 key cat The history of the Key Cat started as the result of a young lady who went to college away from home, was raped and  murdered. This young lady went from a northern town in Minnesota to a college in North Dakota to pursue her dreams.

 This young lady worked at Victoria’s Secret, was leaving work, talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone and was assaulted and abducted when she attempted to get into her car.

The young lady had time to dial her cell phone, meaning she had time to use some type of defense mechanism.

This young lady was abducted in November 2003 and her body was not found until April of the following year.

The young ladies family then launched a search for a means whereby young ladies could carry some type of self defense item that would be effective and not be able to be turned on the person using the Key Cat.

The story of this young lady triggered the idea for the development of the Key Cat and the perfection of the idea to a completed product and the issuance of a United States Patent for the idea.

Another lady was involved in the product design; at a different college her daughter was raped and because the daughter could not bear the stigma of the rape, committed suicide.

The inventor went to the college doing research on the development of the idea and was approached and encouraged by the mother of the suicide victim to invent and produce some type of self-defense device for women and young girls that would give them some self confidence and assurance of safety when alone and not with others.

After several ideas were formulated and discarded, the Key Cat was the best of all the ideas to be put into production and distribution.  The Key Cat design was formulated in such a manner as to act as a “DNA Catcher” and a device that the attacker could not take away from the victim and use on them as well as a device that is always available and ready to use in a moment’s notice.

After the Key Cat was distributed, several people have come to the inventor and told him about young ladies who were assaulted and used the Key Cat, hurt the attacker, and in some instances put the attacker in the hospital.  Most attackers have been prosecuted and are serving serious jail time.


 (Available colors:  pink, white, blue, purple, black)


Unfortunate Statistics.

The National College’s “Women’s Sexual Victimization Study” estimated that in 2007 1 in 5 college women experienced completed or attempted rape during their college years.

Every two minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted.

According to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Study (YRBSS), a national survey of high school students, 7.7% of students had been forced to have sexual intercourse when they did not want to.

The FBI estimates that only 37% of all rapes are reported to the police.

The Key Cat’s functionality is designed to give the victim 10-15 seconds to get away from their assailant and flee to safety or call 911.

The Key Cat can extract DNA which can be used to identify the assailant.

 Owning a Key Cat is the first step to staying safe.

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