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God Loves Steve Jobs

God Loves Steve Jobs

This video is dedicated to anyone who loves technology, especially their MacBook, iPhone and iPod. And it is for the people who have been hurt by the hatred and anger of the Westboro Church people. This is for all of the military families, the musicians, my neighbors in Joplin and many others who have put up with unnecessary insults.

If your funeral is protested by Westboro Church, then it means you have done something RIGHT!

God LOVES you. God’s not mad at you! If people are leaving church feeling angry, sad, bitter, and judgemental, then the pastor should start listening to the “other” angels. God loves YOU!

I decided to create this video because I read how upset everyone felt that they announced they were going to protest. And I saw how God used this moment to show Westboro that they should take their own self-inventory and stop judging the lives of others. Even I know that the Bible says not to judge.

So I asked my Mom if we could drive to Topeka and she said “Yes!” So I grabbed my Casio and sunglasses. We had to drive through toll booths to get to Topeka. There’s nothing out in the middle of Kansas on I-70 except highway. We had Google searched the address of the church and followed it to, well, ummm, it wasn’t Westboro. Google has the directions mapped wrong! We drove into the hood and there was a church there, but it was not Westboro.

There were lots of things that went through my head. We almost gave up but my Mom suggested we drive to a McDonald’s and then re-map the address from there. And so we did and Google Maps sent us to a different location in Topeka. After a few one-way streets, we stumbled onto Westboro Baptist Church. I would not necessarily call it a church. I would call it a compound. It had dark brown wood fencing and green shrubbery that was at least 10 feet tall. It was in a neighborhood filled with modest homes. As with most small towns, you could see people standing out in the yards. Children riding tricycles and their parents sitting on the porch watching them. I guess I expected all hell to break loose (my Mom said I could say that), but it was peaceful.

So once we walked up to the church, one could notice the signs saying “No Trespassing” and notices that they have security cameras. But honestly, I can’t imagine anyone wanting anything they have badly enough to want to climb over 10 foot bushes and fencing. And rising above the walls were two flags. One was the American flag and the other flag that was raised higher than the American flag was a rainbow colored flag. That’s interesting since I usually see rainbows after tornadoes and rains in Kansas or when it represents gay people.

I expected someone to run out and tell us to get off the sidewalk. But no one came out.
I played some improvisational blues on my Casio keyboard to reflect the sadness and fear that was coming out of that entire compound. I wonder why anyone would want to go to a church that feels that way. Who are they afraid of? I can only imagine that they are afraid of themselves. I played long enough to get inspired to write my messages. Oh, there was so much to say! But I think I made my point. It was getting dark and I wanted to go home and get this out to all of the people who loved what Steve Jobs has done.

I hope people get the message that God is love. And who knows? Maybe the message of God’s love will reach Westboro’s church members. One can only dream, yes?

God’s not mad at you! God love’s you!

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  1. Way to go! Just so you know WBC won’t get their protest as the funeral happened today without being announced until after the fact.

    Your posters are adorable and brilliant!! <3 what you did!

    • Of course, Apple is all about silent action! Excellent! Steve Jobs has helped raise me in some ways. He made technology fun!

  2. Brilliant – Wonderful – You are TERRIFIC!!!

    Happy to donate some money to your lessons…I suspect you don’t really need them though, you obviously have it together.


    • Joey! WOOT! Thank you! $5 bucks! I know that music is what I am supposed to do. But my teacher is the best and I want to help my Mom out. I took money for my lessons to pay for gas and supplies to protest on behalf of all Steve Jobs fans. And for those families who have been hurt by Westboro.

  3. PHENONEMAL VIDEO, Sweet Jada! Your narrative is very eloquent and, especially, loved the pic of you all driving in funeral garb – You and your Mom make a GREAT TEAM!! Will definitely donate to your cause. LOVE & BLESSINGS ON YOUR CONTINUED EFFORT!! :oD

  4. Wow, Jada, how is it that a 14 year old could be so incredibly brave and wise beyond her years? I am so impressed! I live in San Diego, and I loved reading this blog and watching your video. I am proud of what you decided to do, and I love that your mom was willing to support you in your plan. It was brilliant! Thanks for reminding us all that love is stronger than hate.

    • God is love! And thank you for the encouragement. I just want people to feel better. It’s going to be okay.

  5. Hi Jada what an inspiration you are to young people everywhere! I applaud your mother too for standing by you while doing what you believe in and what is right. You have lots of courage and love in your heart. Hopefully you have left footprints deep enough so others may follow!

  6. Hope you got the donation I sent you on Oct 8, via PayPal?

    • Yes, I did! The money is going to be put to good use! I have just bought material and got a teacher. I used it to perform at a nursing home a week ago. It was so nice to share my music with them.

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