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For Things You Can See

For Things You Can See

Poem By: Jadamink
“For things you can see…”

For things you see…
You might see a flower blossom in white,
but other’s might see it in gray.
You walk your days with your head held high,
but people just knock it away.
Your dreams may play a different role,
showing how people can be.
Pray and wish for the daylight,
but darkness is all you can see.
So when people see your side of love and powerful dignity,
they’ll love to take their cards, assume you of crimes, for the assumption is
hell to only pay thee.
For the wind will blow, the tides will stride, and the heavens will try to ring,
the dogs will howl, the cat’s will hiss at almost every little thing.
Your sun and only shine will begin to break, people will fear thy strength.
Quakes sound deep below the heart seeking revenge viciously, shaking the lonely.
When expectations rise only hate from your heart will obey.
Their pleading for love, respect, and grace will come to a halt and no longer be their way.
For you can see and only play this game.

~They just want power for something they want but can’t take~

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