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Chili, my Fourth Dog

Chili, my Fourth Dog

Hello World!

Are you happy about today?

Well, my dog made me happy everyday!

Chili made my days warmer no matter what it was we’d try to do.

He was a curious energetic playful puppy.

His fur color was dark red when I first got him.

After three years his fur color became light golden tan.

The first day I brought got him, my mom drove the car for my puppy and I.

Out of the entire litter he was the littlest and tiniest puppy out of his 3 sisters.

He was the only boy of the litter of other girls.

Giving Chili baths was the hardest job of my life.

When I would rinse him under water in the bath tub flip flop all around, especially jump up and down. He’d make it out of the tub and end the bath early.

I loved chili because he’d listen to commands.

My red poodle puppy knew simple basic tricks and I’d give him tricks.

He knew sit down, roll over, lay down on stomach, stay, and stand.

Although he was neat in his own way, one night we had to let him out of the door. He left my home in Fall 2013.

What cool things do you want about a red poodle suddenly? Let us know!

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