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Chat Abbreviations

Chat Abbreviations

Abbreviations, Initialisms and Acronyms

An abbreviation is made when you take a word or words and shorten them. Examples are: St. for street, lb. for pound, and min. for minute. Special abbreviations are acronyms and initialisms.

Initialisms are simply the first letter of the important words in the name of something, like IBM, CBS, or CNN. They do not form another word. Most chat abbreviations are initialisms. Some initialisms are acronyms.

Acronyms are abbreviations using the first letter of each word, or each important word. In an acronym, the letters form another word, like NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), WHO (World Health Organization) or NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration). Most chat abbreviations are not acronyms because the letters do not make a word.

In summary, initialisms and acronyms are abbreviations. Initialisms use the first letter of each word in the phrase. Acronyms are special initialisms because the initials make up a new word.

Chat Abbreviations

It makes sense that people who want to save time and save wear and tear on their fingertips and thumbs would invent a few chat abbreviations. But there are many more than a few. Following are some examples of abbreviations that are used in chatting, texting, and emails.

Chat Abbreviations and Acronyms

This first group is some of the more common abbreviations about things in general:

* @ At
* 2G2BT Too Good To Be True
* 2moro Tomorrow
* 2nite Tonight
* 4ever Forever
* ADBB All Done Bye Bye
* AFC Away From Computer
* ASAP As Soon As Possible
* B4 Before
* B4N Bye For Now
* BC Because
* bcoz because
* BTDT Been There Done That
* c ya see ya
* CM Call Me
* CUL8R See You Later
* DISTO Did I Say That Outloud?
* G4I Go For It
* gratz Congratulations
* GTG Got To Go
* J2LYK Just To Let You Know
* KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
* OMG Oh My God
* peeps people
* PLS Please
* PLZ Please
* sk8r skater
* soz Sorry
* T@YL Talk At You Later
* THX Thanks
* TMI Too Much Information
* TTYL Talk To You Later or Type To You Later
* TTYT Talk To You Tomorrow

The next group of abbreviations let the other party know a parent is watching.

* 9 Parent is watching
* MOS Mom Over Shoulder
* PIR Parent In Room
* POMS Parent Over My Shoulder
* PRW Parents Are Watching

The following abbreviations concern feelings. These are G-rated.

* <3 heart * sweet<3 sweetheart * BFF Best Friends Forever * FF Friends Forever * H&K Hugs and Kisses * HUGZ Hugs * I <3 U I Love You * i h8 it i hate it * XOXO Hugs and Kisses Lastly, there are so many abbreviations that refer to laughing that they also needed their own group. * ALOL Actually Laughing Out Loud * CSL Can't Stop Laughing * CSN Chuckle, Snicker, Grin * GOL Giggling Out Loud * FOFL Falling on Floor Laughing * LOL Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots of Love * ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing * ROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
Modern Communications

Speaking with someone through emails, chats, and texts has dramatically changed the way people communicate. You rarely see anyone anymore without a phone, and it is usually in their hand. In fact, this instant communication is getting out of hand, pardon the pun. Some states have enacted new laws to ban cell phone use while driving.

Cell phone use is banned while driving in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington, District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands.

The District of Columbia and 28 states limit cell phone use for new drivers.

D.C. and 18 states do not allow school bus drivers to use a cell phone when there are passengers on the bus.

D.C., Guam, and 30 states ban texting for everyone who drives. Eight other states ban texting for new drivers and two ban texting for school bus drivers.

Some states have distracted driving bans so many are adding cell phone use to the list of distractions. More laws will probably be forthcoming as the dangers of cell phone use while driving becomes more apparent.

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