Looking Back and Flying Forward
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My Story

In my own words….

My music tastes are wide and varied.

I am not a genre of music.  I simple am music.  I am not blues, nor jazz, nor classical, nor pop, nor hip hop.  I am a creation of all of the musical influences and life experiences that I have and will continue to live.    As I grow, all of this will have meaning.  But for now, I just love music, playing the piano, and being a kid!  My instructors see something in me and believe I have talent as I am self-taught.  Most people my age have had many years of piano lessons with a teacher.  I do not.  But I can assure you that what I have learned from my unique experiences gives me the opportunity to create and follow my own path.  For some reason, the path that seems so easy for others has always been unneccesarily challenging and complicated.  All that means to me is that I am traveling on my own road and remember that Robert Frost believes that the road less traveled makes all the difference.  But hey, that road I have been traveling is how I got here in the first place to build my own website and become a natural part of the Kansas City music scene.

The goal of this website is to share my experiences about life and music, particularly the music scene in Kansas City.  There are hundreds of wonderful experiences and reasons to love music in Kansas City and it far outweighs any bad.  If you are interested in learning about Kansas City and our wonderful music scene through the eyes of the future of the music scene in Kansas City, then please read and see what all the fuss is about!

Thanks for reading!

Musically yours,