Looking Back and Flying Forward
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My Music Mentors

I want to thank all of the Kansas City musicians who have helped guide my music along the way!

I am so lucky to have so many aunts, uncles, grandpas, and grandmas.  Okay, so I have more aunts and uncles than grandpas and grandmas!  :)

Music is the fountain of youth!

Please forgive me if I have not listed everyone.  This list will be continually updated.

Sheila Dacus
Melody Stroth
Gerald Spaits
Everette DeVan
Everett Freeman
Charles Williams
RocknRick Patterson
Lee Hammond
David Stair
Clever Keys
Danny Montero
Jazzy Jazz
Ken Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Leon and Linda Brady
Dennis Winslett
Chris Burnett
Clarence Smith
Stan Kessler
Bobby Watson
Greg Richter
Michael Vande
Phillip Brown
Brock Alexander
Aaron Thomas
Dan Thomas
Doug Auwater
Lisa Henry
Bill McKemy
Jim Mair
Doug Talley
Dave Hays
Paul Robert Greenlease
Rich Hill
Marcus Lewis
Ryan Hill
Matt Otto