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Archive for April 2008

Native Son!

Native son is a great book. It is about a Negro who is caught on several cases of murders. With his lawyer Max to get him out of a big tragic mess. Acused for rape and several things. Of course this was the time of some segregation. Made on 1940 by […]

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Top 15 Things To Do When You Are At Home From School!

Play with your toys or play board games. Call a friend of yours. Watch T.V. Get on the computer if you can. Practice math, cursive, or any other subject. Go outside and play basketball, or ride a bike. Read a book it will take you somewhere. Try cleaning your bedroom […]

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Who likes Drake than Josh ? 

Well everyone knows thay watch Nickelodeon once and a while.Who in the world likes Josh off of Drake and Josh. Or who likes Drakes over Josh. Please send comments. And I will personate them so no one will see the majority or personal comments made. And I will […]

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