Key Cats – Self Defense Key Chain

History Of The Key Cat.

 key cat The history of the Key Cat started as the result of a young lady who went to college away from home, was raped and  murdered. This young lady went from a northern town in Minnesota to a college in North Dakota to pursue her dreams.

 This young lady worked at Victoria’s Secret, was leaving work, talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone and was assaulted and abducted when she attempted to get into her car.

The young lady had time to dial her cell phone, meaning she had time to use some type of defense mechanism.

This young lady was abducted in November 2003 and her body was not found until April of the following year.

The young ladies family then launched a search for a means whereby young ladies could carry some type of self defense item that would be effective and not be able to be turned on the person using the Key Cat.

The story of this young lady triggered the idea for the development of the Key Cat and the perfection of the idea to a completed product and the issuance of a United States Patent for the idea.

Another lady was involved in the product design; at a different college her daughter was raped and because the daughter could not bear the stigma of the rape, committed suicide.

The inventor went to the college doing research on the development of the idea and was approached and encouraged by the mother of the suicide victim to invent and produce some type of self-defense device for women and young girls that would give them some self confidence and assurance of safety when alone and not with others.

After several ideas were formulated and discarded, the Key Cat was the best of all the ideas to be put into production and distribution.  The Key Cat design was formulated in such a manner as to act as a “DNA Catcher” and a device that the attacker could not take away from the victim and use on them as well as a device that is always available and ready to use in a moment’s notice.

After the Key Cat was distributed, several people have come to the inventor and told him about young ladies who were assaulted and used the Key Cat, hurt the attacker, and in some instances put the attacker in the hospital.  Most attackers have been prosecuted and are serving serious jail time.


 (Available colors:  pink, white, blue, purple, black)


Unfortunate Statistics.

The National College’s “Women’s Sexual Victimization Study” estimated that in 2007 1 in 5 college women experienced completed or attempted rape during their college years.

Every two minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted.

According to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Study (YRBSS), a national survey of high school students, 7.7% of students had been forced to have sexual intercourse when they did not want to.

The FBI estimates that only 37% of all rapes are reported to the police.

The Key Cat’s functionality is designed to give the victim 10-15 seconds to get away from their assailant and flee to safety or call 911.

The Key Cat can extract DNA which can be used to identify the assailant.

 Owning a Key Cat is the first step to staying safe.

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Chili my Fourth Dog in childhood years!

Hello World!

Are you happy about today?

Well, my dog made me happy everyday!

Chili made my days warmer no matter what it was we’d try to do.

He was a curious energetic playful puppy.

His fur color was dark red when I first got him.

After three years his fur color became light golden tan.

The first day I brought got him, my mom drove the car for my puppy and I.

Out of the entire litter he was the littlest and tiniest puppy out of his 3 sisters.

He was the only boy of the litter of other girls.

Giving Chili baths was the hardest job of my life.

When I would rinse him under water in the bath tub flip flop all around, especially jump up and down. He’d make it out of the tub and end the bath early.

I loved chili because he’d listen to commands.

My red poodle puppy knew simple basic tricks and I’d give him tricks.

He knew sit down, roll over, lay down on stomach, stay, and stand.

Although he was neat in his own way, one night we had to let him out of the door. He left my home in Fall 2013.

What cool things do you want about a red poodle suddenly? Let us know!

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Buddy Holly vs. Decca Records

Rock & roll pioneer Buddy Holly recorded some demo records for Decca records in Nashville in 1956. In those days it was common practice for a record label to sign an artist to a development deal and fund a demonstration record. In Holly’s case, he recorded five songs for Decca, including a crude version of “That’ll Be the Day,” a song that eventually became his first hit after he re-recorded it with independent producer Norman Petty in Clovis, New Mexico.

Decca saw the demo sessions as a failure and decided against working with Holly. He was well aware of some of the disadvantageous business practices artists sometimes faced when working with a major record label—especially when an artist sought to sever ties and retain ownership of their work. Holly was preparing himself for a legal dispute when he taped a conversation with Decca executive Paul Cohen from Cricket’s drummer Jerry Allison’s house. Check it out below. Although he doesn’t let on, Buddy had already recorded the soon-to-be smash hit version of “That’ll Be the Day” by this time, and, as you’ll hear, he’s weighing up his options.

How was Holly able to re-record “That’ll Be The Day?”

Holly made a deal with Brunswick Records a few months after this conversation, essentially doing an end run around the recording restrictions mentioned by Cohen in the phone conversation. Can you guess how he avoided legal trouble with the label?


To avoid the predicament, Holly signed with Brunswick Records, which was a subsidiary of Decca. Unaware of the deal at the time, Decca was unwilling to sue its own company once the deal was revealed. Also, Petty released the record under the group name “The Crickets,” further immunizing Holly from legal trouble. Decca reacted by signing Holly to a second contract under another one of its subsidiary labels, Coral, where all his “solo” records would be released. As a side note, Decca eventually tried to cash in on the five-song demo recorded in 1956 by releasing them on a 1958 album entitled That’ll Be the Day.

Kansas City Blues Musicians and Bands

Below is a list of performing KC Blues Bands and Musicians.  This list is current as of February 1, 2014.

51% Blues Band, 913-530-8149
Allen Monroe, 816-921-5854
Andrew Money & The Underhouse Dogs, 816-718-6354 or 816-803-8516
Amanda Wish, 913-636-0912

Back Porch Blues Band, 785-341-3677
Big Harry and the Back Alley Blues Band, 785-266-9750
Bill Carter Blues Revue, 816-363-3890
Bill Thompson, 785-224-1023
Billy Ebeling, 913-908-5607
Blue 88,
Bluefin Review, 913-940-3020
BluzBenderz, 816-820-4534
Bob Bibb, 913-961-4477
Bobby Gardner, 417-350-9100
Bobby Smith Blues Band, 816-765-1621
Brandon Miller Band, 913-530-7395
Briar, 913-256-9457


The CSL Jr Band, 660-596-3265
Christopher Ryan, 563-528-5044
Colby Kilgore & John Powell, 816-808-4540
Connie & The Blues Wreckers, 913-221-1282
Coyote Bill, 913-575-7660
CrossEyed Cat, 913-449-2701
Crossroad, 786-280-8210

Dan “Dirty Rice” Band, 913-963-3498
Dave Hays Band ,816-787-5180
Dog House Daddies, 816-217-7866

Ernest James Zydeco, 816-507-8698
Eugene Smiley Band, 816-765-6489
FEO Band, 816-217-3082

Garett Hinz, 913-254-0124
Guitar Gene & the V Twin Blues Rockers, 816-739-0728

The House Jumpers, w/Marvin & Cathy Hunt, 785-331-5749

J.J.Johnson & The All Stars, 816-645-8914
James Flack, 913-238-3977
Jammin’ Jan Lamb, 816-510-4342
Jason Vivone & the Billy Bats, 816-769-5687
Jeff Reeder, 816-805-9063
Jeremy Butcher & the Bail Jumpers, 785-331-8540
Jerry Riccardi, 913-387-4004
Jim Funderburke, 816-517-5571
Jimmie Bratcher Band, 816-294-1113
Jimmy Steffan-Megan Boyer Band, 573-999-5218
Jimmy “Sweet Lips” Wilson, 785-690-7026
John Zimmermann & the Rhythm Rockets, 913-558-6161
Jonas Birkel, 913-341-0650
Josh Vowell Band, 785-409-7348
June Bug & The Porch Lights, 816-361-6156

Karla Bauer, 913-709-4061
Katy Guillen Band, 913-271-5684
Klear Ambition, 816-516-8649
Knock Kneed Sally, 913-999-1349
Kyle Elliott & Voodoo Soul, 816-682-0944

L A Smith, 573-424-2590
Larry Brady, 913-488-4783
Levee Town, 913-709-2219
Lil’ Joe Sherrick ,913-768-7973
Listen Mister,
Lonesome Hank & the Heartaches, 816-872-6115
Lonnie Ray, 785-597-5057
Loozin Sleep Band, 816-550-1577

Mama Ray’s Band, 816-836-3706
Mark Montgomery, 913-909-3078
Michael Elrod & The Roosters, 816-942-6654
Mike Goldman, 913-642-8610
The Mike Vande Band, 913-221-4123
Millage Gilbert’s Downhome Blues, 913-321-4965
Miss Clever & the New Kold Krew, 816-990-1626

Next of Ken Band816-812-8311
Nobody’s Bidnis, 816-822-1994

The Old Crows, 816-645-1734
The Old No. 5’s, 620-757-1107 
Out of The Blue
, 816-797-2336

Pat Nichols, Delta & Country Blues, 785-393-9207
Paul Matthews, 785-842-0978
Project Mayhem, 913-909-3491

Rain Dogs, 816-765-4678
Rick Eidson, 816-674-7542
Rick Gibson & The Peacemakers, 913-484-2663
Rick Malsick, 816-833-8794
Ron “Old School” Birmingham, 816-965-8494

Samantha Fish Band 
Scott Moyer, 816-373-1232
Shinetop Jr. & Hudspeth, 816-807-2866
Sorta Blue, 913-940-9177
Stone Cutter’s Union, 913-732-0690
Stovepipe Perkins, 913-999-1349

“Taz”, 816-868-8318
Tom Tipton, 816-787-3133
Trampled Under Foot, 816-377-5382
Troy Evans, 786-280-8210
Tru Blood Blues Band, 913-912-9223

Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong

Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong is widely known as the greatest jazz musician of the twentieth century. He was a phenomenally gifted and imaginative artist, and an entertainer so irresistibly magnetic that he knocked the Beatles off the top of the charts four decades after he cut his first record. Offstage he was witty, introspective, and unexpectedly complex, a beloved colleague with an explosive temper whose larger-than-life personality was tougher and more sharp-edged than his worshiping fans ever knew.

Wall Street Journal critic Terry Teachout has drawn on a cache of important new sources unavailable to previous biographers, including hundreds of candid after-hours recordings made by Armstrong himself, to craft a sweeping new narrative biography. Certain to be the definitive word on Armstrong for our generation, Pops paints a gripping portrait of the man, his world, and his music that will stand alongside Gary Giddins’s Bing Crosby and Peter Guralnick’s Last Train to Memphis as a classic biography of a major American musician.

Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong

Famous Kansas City Musicians

Myra Taylor
Aaron Yates
Walter Brown
Wes Scantlin
Janelle Monae
Big Joe Turner
Bobby Watson
Ben Webster
Pat Metheny
Sheryl Crow
Carol Duboc
Sonny Kenner
Chely Wright
Melissa Etheridge
Jessica Harp
Pete Johnson
Count Basie
Cotton Candy
Burt Bacharach
Blue Note
T Bone Walker
Tim Whitmer
Cherry Blossom
Brody Buster
Little Hatch
Hi Hat Club
Charlie Parker
18th St Vine
Orchid Room
Aaron Dontez Yates
15th Street Baltimore

Lyrics to “What Is This Thing Called Love” Ella Fitzgerald

Songwriters: PORTER, COLE
What is this thing called love?
This funny thing called love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
Why should it make a fool of me?

I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw it away
That’s why I ask the Lord in Heaven above
What is this thing called love?

I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw it away
That’s why I ask the Lord in Heaven above
What is this thing called love?

Jesus and His Brothers John 7: 1-9

jesusJesus and His Brothers

Read John  7:1-9.

This  chapter tells about what different people thought about Jesus.  Some didn’t want to believe in Him.  Some were blinded by their own ideas that  didn’t agree with Jesus’ teaching.  Some  hated Him because He preached against the bad things they did.

At this  time Jesus’ own brothers did not believe that He was the Messiah.  Later they did.  Many of Jesus’ enemies were converted after  His resurrection.  Some of those who are  enemies of the gospel now may accept Jesus if we pray for them.  Jesus told his followers to love their  enemies and to pray for them.